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What does it mean to live wisely?
I think the most basic thing is that you have breathing room.  You're not trapped by an ongoing sense of pressure and urgency. Breathing room is the foundation under the rest of what I've written here.  It's something that's easily lost, and not all that hard to regain, either.  (If you need to regain yours right now, you can find a few thoughts that may help, here.)
I'm continually impressed by just how wise people really are.  In a sense your whole body and being is wisdom, and with a bit of breathing room, your thoughts and actions can start to come back to rest in that wisdom.
Living wisely, you accept a calling, one that serves something beautiful and larger than yourself, and you live that calling with flexibility for as long as its yours to live out.
Living with wisdom you're engaging deeply with your life and work.  You're closely observing nature, human nature, and your own nature.  This process of observation is never complete, there's always more to see. As you keep watching, your understanding keeps deepening.  In the process, you keep discovering ways you can make a profound contribution.  (This is not necessarily the same thing as being 'successful' as our culture measures such things, or doing something that people would usually think of as important.)  
Living wisely, you are on your own life path; you are also embodying a particular way of living which comes from your heart.  And you tend to the mostly-invisible foundation underneath both path and way: your physical and emotional well-being, your financial well-being, the well-being of those who depend on you, and other such.  There is a basic sense of order to your life, both in time and in space.
Times and people change, but old habits can keep us thinking and doing things that no longer quite fit.  To live wisely is to make room to heed the signal that something about your life no longer holds together,  You take stock and return to your core, and a renewed sense of coherence.  Living wisely, you expect that sometimes things will fall apart.  You don't see it as a failure, but as an opportunity for things to 'fall back together' in a new shape that fits now.  Sometimes this means that one calling has come to an end, and another is beginning.  All this is the working of Mystery, and wisdom keeps on making room for that mystery to unfold itself again, and again.  It's full of surprise, sometimes anguish, often delight.
A wise life is one lived with an ongoing awareness of what's happening now in the larger world around us: locally, nationally and globally.  It is lived in this historical moment.  It is also lived within natural time: the natural pulse of the day, of the season, and of the life cycle.
Not least, a wise life is a playful one.  Things are interesting and mysterious.  Curiosity is alive, poking its nose here and there, and there's lots of wondering 'what if?' and 'how come?'.  
In the end, wisdom is more about how you be rather than what you do.
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